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Does anyFX360 also work for 360° photos?

Sure thing, you can either export a single frame from a video, or even just work with single photos as footage – as you are used to in After Effects.
anyFX360 can use any footage and export the same way as before.

Does the script also work with After Effects CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017?

Currently we only test and officially support CC2018, and yes, we are compatible with the Spring Release of CC2018.

Though we had reports of customers successfully using it back to version CC2014, too.

Can I use more than one effect layer concurrently?

Yes, it is just a matter of the system (memory, processing power etc).

  • you have either the option to use multiple effects on one comp, seamlessly – they are collected on an adjustment layer, or
  • you can duplicate the comp and use anyFX360 for each comp layer independently for a more complex way to adjust and control each comp and effect individually (e.g. with separate masks)

Does it work with 3D/Stereoscopic material/output?

At this time we currently only support 2:1 equirectangular mono input sources/comps for effects.

Does it work with a rendering farm/network rendering? Do I need a license for each render node?

Yes, as long as each node is sufficient for the extended requirements in resolution and have enough memory.
You only need a license on the compositing system, which works with the comps to be used as 360° effects, we do though prohibit for our standard license any kind of automation tools to use our script for use outside of the licensed compositing system (if you have a special use case in this matter please feel free to contact us) . You can take advantages of network rendering/rendering farms as you world normally do.

Can effects be applied to portions of the whole output only?

Yes, but remember, the script is meant to be ease the workflow for full frame, edge-to-edge effects, beyond seams. If you only want to apply an effect to a very small portion of the 360°-footage, you may be better of to use traditional ways without using the script.

Surely you can mask our effects, too – which can give great and unique results especially when combined with more than just one anyFX360-layer. Just make sure, that if you work with masks beyond the margins to both sides, to have the vertices at matching height, when they cut the margin (we will give a tutorial for that soon).

Also if you like to project correctly a graphic into the 360° space, you can easily do this with the included Adobe After Effects immersive tools already. anyFX360 is mainly for effects that use the whole area of the sphere and comes into play. Of course you can combine several elements, such as using a background video with our plugin and adding another layer in space. Please watch our tutorial to see how this can be easily done.

What is the maximum supported resolution?

We successfully rendered clips with final resolutions of 8192 x 4096 (32-bpc) up to even 12288 x 6144 (16-bpc) (the internal resolution of the workflow is 3x higher though), but this depends on various factors such as OS memory, graphic card memory and the effect being used. If you encounter problems try to render to a lower resolution and/or the color depth (bpc).

See also  https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/memory-storage1.html for more information on limiting factors in After Effects and how to solve them.


Does the script work with every effect there is?

In theory it should work with every effect. If the effect makes sense to be used in 360°-environments is a different part of the story. But most effects are quite amazing and adding a lot of value in conjunction with our tool. Limiting factors are your system components such as memory, graphic cards and processor speed. If they are too low, plugins that used to work can stop working with anyFX360 because the rendered size of the comps internally increases.

There are color correcting filters, filters than manipulate surround pixels (like blurs) but also filters generating graphics or patterns. Try to play around with them creatively and you will have fun. We will post a list of some of the most widely used effects with the results soon.

Does Neat Video Noise Reduction work with anyFX360?

Yep, we are happy to confirm that one of the best Noise Reduction Plugins for AE work along with anyFX360 in 360°.
We successfully tested:

Neat Video v4 Pro plug-in for After Effects on OSX.

Like other effects & plugins also Neat Video usually produces seamlines in 360° – and anyFX360 has proven to solve this, too.

We will soon post image comparisons and a video to show you this.

Are transitions supported?

Not at this time. The reason is they usually need more than one comp/layer to be used concurrently, which is currently not possible within our blending technique. We are evaluating ways to potentially implement transitions at a later time.

My effects are distorted

The effects are not 3D-oriented but flat applied to the equirectangular projection. For most effects this has absolutely no impact, effects that generate geometrical forms may not look as expected, since lines look equirectangular distorted, too. Also, make sure if you either render or view in a 360°-viewer to switch to OUTPUT view, if you are in EDIT FX mode the image may look squeezed, since it is internally not in a 2:1 but much wider ratio calculated.

Are keyframe animations supported?

Yes, you can use the effects as you would normally do with any other source. So they can be keyframe animated.

Technical Support

I have trouble online activating anyFX360

If you have trouble activating your product or you have as an agency certain restrictions (because of your IT department’s policies with internet access), please contact us at support@anyFX360.com and we will be able to help you.

Effect xyz does not work.

We can not guarantee for every manufacturer in the world of every available plugin that it looks good with our tools in 360. Technically the plugin needs to be able to render approximately 3x more pixels of the output you target. So if the plugin is able to handle this (which most definitely do) and your system is able to handle it (which most of the systems do), than there is no reason for the plugin not to work with anyFX360. If you would like us to know about a specific working or non working plugin, please let us know, we collect the information and try to find a way. The best use of the plugins we also publish in a showcase.

When I press NEW FX to my 360°-comp with previously effects applied to it, it still has seams

Please understand that you cannot convert automatically previous compositions with applied effects to anyFX360 for seamless use.
AnyFX360 generally prepares your footage to be used with filters seamlessly but does not automatically convert previous applied effects.

Still, there are easy steps for manually converting previous 360°comps with effects applied to it.

The requirement for this procedure is, that this is the only composition and does not have any nested compositions to it

If you choose a composition with effects previously applied to it to be converted with it, you can do so with two simple steps:

  1. choose the comp you wish to convert
  2. press NEW FX (in anyFX360)
    the comp gets prepared for seamless effect use
  3. go to the source layer by pressing OUTPUT while holding down the SHIFT-KEY
  4. select the effects you wish to copy and press copy (CMD-C)
  5. disable these effects afterwards in the effect panel of the source
  6. open the effect layer of anyFX360 by pressing EDIT FX
  7. paste the effects to the anyFX360 adjustment layer (CMD-V)
  8. optional: there may be a need to adjust certain parameters, like effect positions or also sizable parameters since they are now applied to a technically larger area

We will shortly publish a video demonstrating this, too.

There are seams with some filters, even with anyFX360

It all depends on the use of the plugin, but most plugins should be compatible.
Consider the following tips:

  • if you are watching in a 360° viewer (such as GoPro VR Viewer or Mettle Globe Preview), make sure you’re you are in the OUTPUT comp.
  • be sure you have „Edge Blend Advanced” in the anyFX360-settings enabled – it is on by default.
  • effects that have a very wide spread and generate uneven content eventually be limited, but these are rare, try to reduce the effective area (way beyond borders) of the plugin generated.

If you run into a problem with a specific plugin, please sends us your file, so we can try to improve.

After Effects throws memory errors, even though everything worked fine before.

The reason could be the size of your comp and the technical limits of the specific effect you use vs. your system and GPU memory. Our tool uses techniques to expand the comps, therefore the memory requirements are higher as with every higher resolution comp.

We have included a way to lower the requirements: for this to try turn of “advanced blending” in the anyFX360-setting for this comp. This could have a negative impact of the visual blending of the effect though.
Try first to render a lower resolution if possible.

Sales / Shop

Are updates free?

All minor releases are free for every user (so if you own, 1.0, you will receive free updates to 1.1 and so on).
Major release with new support or features will cost a small update fee. As our way of saying “thank you“ all beta tester receive complimentary final release – for a minimum of feedback we ask in exchange.
We have a 30 day grace period for updates, so if you buy 30 days before a new major Version is released, you get a free update at our sole discretion

If you are a current licensed owner and wish to have early access to the next major release, you are welcome to register as a beta user for the next version. To apply for testing please write to us at beta@anyFX360.com with your serial number and if you are selected for the next release, we will contact you.

Do you have multiple seats discount?

Yes, we have a 3-license discount, just add three licenses to your cart and use the coupon “buy2get3”, you only have to pay two. if you have further needs please write an email to sales@any360fx.com

Do you have an academic version or non-profit discount?

Please send your inquiry (proof of study/ID or letter of institution) to sales@anyFX360.com, and once approved we will be happy to support your efforts with a 20% discount code to be used on our shop.


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